front elevation Indian house design


Building a new house?

Want it to look perfect?

Want the front side of the house to be completely of your choice?

Don’t know where to start or look?

Then you are at the perfect platform. Arch Design and Construction (ADC), is the best architecture firm in Lucknow. It helps you with all the designs you need for your new dream house. Here in this article, we have a few ideas for front elevation Indian house design. They will let your house look not only beautiful but chic as well.

But first, let’s know,

What is front elevation?

A front elevation design is basically a part of a scenic design that highlights the scenic element or the entire set as seen from the front view without measurements. Most of the front elevation designs show the measurements to get a better understanding of the building so that it can be drafted or quickly drawn by an architect. It’s simply the aesthetic look or presentation of a building.

The front elevation of a home plan is a straight-on view of the house as if you were looking at it from a perfectly centered spot on the same plane as the house. Also called an “entry elevation,” it shows features that include the doors, windows, front porch, balconies, or other compartments visible from the front like chimneys, staircases, etc. The front elevation Indian house design would give a pure idea of how your house is going to look like.


The need for a front elevation

Elevations are necessary to give an idea to the builder and the construction workers how the house and its compartments is going to look from all the different possible sides.

However, it is not only important for them but for you as well. Indians have multiple factors to look upon before buying or building a house. According to their needs and their ‘vastu’, sun signs, etc., they choose the different components of their house.


With a drawing of front elevation Indian house design, they can get a proper idea and proper measurements of what the house is going to look like from the front and can also choose their directions of the front gate, porch, lawn areas, etc.


This way you let the architect know all your choices and he’ll show you the designs accordingly. There are a few ready-made ideas of the front elevation Indian house design by ADC, you might be interested in.

Let’s take a look at the ideas for front elevation Indian house design


front elevation Indian house design

This front elevation Indian house design is designed with a classical approach. It seems to be inspired by colonial architecture. The balcony post, the columns, the roof, the entrance, everything has a British influence. The color of the lighting and placing of the bulbs given to the front part of the house gives it a very classy look.



The design comes with a modernist approach. It gives the look of a new and twenty-first-century house. We can see a wide gate and a proper space for the nameplate of the owner. All the balconies comprised of the glass railings do not only set up symmetry but are very elegant looking as well. We can also see the terrace with a proper roof. This makes it a perfect fit if you want to enjoy sunny days on the terrace.



The idea incorporated in this front elevation Indian house design is a bit to the elegant taste. The architect made sure to incorporate green elements in the facade which gives it the perfect balance and dynamics it needed.

The ground floor of the house welcomes you with an entry gate alongside parking. It also has a window in the front which allows natural light on the first floor giving it a much open feel. The first floor of the house maintains a decent balcony which has amazing live wall gradient angles to add another layer to the facade’s design.

The facade is finally completed with the terrace that also has live pillars to incorporate that green elements and a beautiful designer wall brought from the first floor to the top.


This is a very chic design designed by ADC. It keeps a balance between the modern lines and the green elements of the building giving it a complete look. It is a two-story design with a wide entry and a water feature at the street level. That is followed by contrast of bold white and gradient colors on the first-floor balconies. The balconies have been given another layer of dynamics with the depth on the right balcony to make it stand out.

The second floor of the building has a rod structure on the left giving it full privacy but also protecting the magnificent views of nature. This not only serves a practical purpose but also gives another layer to the house’s elevation. Finally, in the end, the house is completed with a terrace with modern lines and a glass railing balcony. This gives it security without compromising upon the open feel of the house.



This idea presented in the front elevation Indian house design is pleasingly colonnaded with the porch having enough space for one car to be parked in. This house has two entrances and there are windows placed at three different positions which are complementing each other very well. On the first floor, there is a room and on the right side of it, there is a chic sitting area that is opened for fresh air but is covered. And the top of the building is given a beautiful terrace where the plants of your choice can be placed.


In the era of horizontal lines and walls, the architect here wanted to break through and come up with a design that is not only eye-catching but serves several practical purposes too. The design is a combination of glass walls and gradient walls giving a dynamic look but also allowing natural light inside the house. The architect closely thought through the lines of the house, to give it maximum privacy and allow maximum natural light in with the right glass picture window.

The entry of the house gives way to a drive gate and a walk-in gate. The first floor of the house has a bold design for maximum privacy and big balconies. Finally, the terrace is completed with a railing that gives a sense of comfort without disrupting the open view from the terrace.



This colored auxiliary building gives us an expensive and showy look. In this front elevation Indian house design, we can see that, there is plenty of space to park three cars on the porch. At the extreme left, there is a small lawn with green grass. At ground level, there is the entrance for the house which is designed with some work of wood and glass.

The same level of the building has a room on the left side of the entrance with a quite wide window. Moving upwards we have two rooms with their own separate balconies and windows. Hence, very well ventilated. Balconies for these rooms are enough spacious. On the third floor as well there are two rooms having their own balconies and wide windows. The symmetrical way of the windows of the four rooms makes it a phenomenal front elevation Indian house design. At the top of the building is the terrace with a glass railing giving it an elegant look.



These 7 front elevation Indian house design ideas are quite stylish, spectacular, and classy. These are surely the type of designs one would want their house to look like in the year 2021.


So what are you waiting for?

Contact ADC and book your designs ASAP.


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