Are you looking to build a house in Lucknow? Or a shop for your business?

Then, you are on the correct platform. You sure must be looking for top architecture firms in Lucknow to get your work done from. Building anything requires a lot of thinking, attention, and proper design before starting the construction. And, if you’re not then, you definitely should. Even if you plan to do everything by yourself, you will still need some professional help. That’s what these architecture firms do.

They keep all your requirements in mind and provide designs according to your wishes and necessities.  Since all architecture firms are different, their services are different too.

So, before looking into the top architecture firms in Lucknow let’s first see what should be done before hiring one.

What to look for before choosing an architecture firm?

  1. Cost-efficient: This is very obvious that every firm has a different price range to provide their services. Some charge high, some charge low, and some charge based on the customization that you require. It is not necessary that always the ones who charge high are the best ones. The best ones are those who fit into your requirements and budget, both. So, keep a check on your preferred budget.


  1. Specialization: Architectural firms, not always, but sometimes specialize in some types of designs. This is merely based on the number of architects they have. So, if you’re looking for a commercial space you wouldn’t want a residential design and vice versa. Of course! Any architect wouldn’t make that mistake. But, better safe than sorry.


  1. Reviews: Who doesn’t check for reviews on google today? That’s right. Mostly everybody does. So, you should too. If it’s a good firm and has a good marketing strategy, they sure would have registered themselves on Google My Business(GMB) with all their contact details, location, etc. This would help them to get into the list of top architecture firms in Lucknow as well. Check their reviews and choose accordingly. If not on GMB, go for their social profiles like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


  1. Portfolios: If possible, go through the ready-made or previous designs provided by the architecture firms. This gives you an idea of their working style, designing techniques, etc.  Hence,  check and compare the work by top architecture firms in Lucknow. Whatever matches the most to your vibe and requirements, go for it!


  1. Service Timing: As much as the designs and styles are important, so is the Time. Time is very critical when you want something new, maybe later or even immediately. As a client, you should be aware of approximately how long your project is going to last and how long are the top architecture firms in Lucknow offering you. It takes time and patience, but make sure you don’t lose both of them at the end!


Top architecture firms in Lucknow

Now, you know what to look for in a firm before hiring it. And, you can choose wisely.

But if you’re in Lucknow,  we have made this task a bit easier for you. Here are some top architecture firms in Lucknow that we have shortlisted for you. Out of these, you can choose what suits you best!


  1. Design Square Architects

Location: Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

Google Rating: 4.3/5

Services provided: Design Square architects specialize in Architectural Design(commercial or residential) as well as take care of  Interior Designing and Landscape design. They provide valuable Town Planning also. Apart from that, they do provide the services of Vastu Consultancy for anyone who wants to buy or build a house keeping the Vastu in mind.

  1. Architectural Innovations and Construction:

Location: Gomti Nagar

Google Rating: 4.5

Services Provided: AIAC specializes in sustainable architecture. It does not only provide a technologically durable design but also environment friendly and economically stable one. They have covered multiple numbers of designs such as Government offices, Private Commercial complexes, Farmhouses, and Residential Bungalows.

  1. Arch-en- Design:

Location: Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

Google Rating:  4.7


Services Provided: Arch-en-Design specializes in a variety of forms across the terms of architecture, which is also a reason to make it to the top architecture firms in Lucknow. The expertise includes Architectural Design and Engineering, Integrated Planning, Urban Planning, Project Management Consultancy, Landscape Planning, and Advisory Solutions. Their services are not restricted to only Lucknow but are spread all over India.

top architecture firms in lucknow

  1. Studio0522

Location: Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

Google Rating: 4.7


Services Provided: The expertise which makes Studio0522 one of the top architecture firms in Lucknow is Architecture, Retail, Interior, Exhibition, Furniture, and Products. There is hardly any type of design that they might have missed. This venture is a team of four excellent people who are working hard and are great at brainstorming ideas.

  1. Architech Design studio

Location: Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

Google Rating:  4.8


Services Provided: Architech Design Studio offers consultancy in a wide range of architectural and construction management projects. Their work staff contains well-qualified architects, engineers, interior designers who can provide a complete package of architectural, structural, sanitary, electrical, planning interior designing according to your choices.

  1. A-Plus (A+) Design:

Location: Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

Google Rating: 4.8


Services Provided: A+ Design Architects define themselves as a “diversified infrastructure conglomerate in Lucknow.” which pretty much speaks for itself. They have even worked for projects assigned by the state and central government. Their projects range from commercial ro residential, hospitality to institutional, landscape to interiors, and much more.

top architecture firms in lucknow

  1. Arch Design and Construction(ADC)

Location: Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

Google Rating: 4.8


Services Provided: ADC provides the best services to its customers. Their timelines are quite feasible and their designs are affordable and completely customer-centric. Their services include architecture, interior design for residential, commercial, and high-rise buildings. All of their designs are sustainable and there is a very thin line between the environment, inside and outside.

ADC also has another venture under it named Design My Ghar, which also offers the same facilities. They offer comprehensive, and coordinated plan benefits that respect the necessities, vision, and setting of every customer. Their projects range from IT firms, corporate buildings, high-end workplaces to housing ventures, single-family living arrangements, and much. It surely makes it one of most top architecture firms in Lucknow presently.


Now, since you are well aware of the top architecture firms in Lucknow, you can choose the one that suits well to all your requirements. Well,  ADC does suit very well with that. So, choose wisely!




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