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11 Amazing Two Bedroom House Plans In Indian Style

A modern two bedroom house plan has as many variations as there are houses on the planet. There is modern house, Cottage Villa, Open floor plan based house and so many more. What remains the most popular choice among the Indian buyers is the Indian Style Houses.

So today we bring for you 11 Amazing Two Bedroom house plans in Indian style.The Two bedroom house plans we have provided in this list boast comfortable living space with little support requirement. You can try them for building your dream house or can use them to experiment with your existing space. So without further ado let’s get started.

Two Bedroom House Plans in Indian Style

mod three bedroom

1. First up on our list of Two Bedroom house plans in Indian style, we have a beautifully furnished Indian Style house plan. This house has massive bedrooms and a big open living area including a full kitchen and a private patio. This will be great for a small family or roommates.

open neutral apartment

2. The bedrooms in this Two Bedroom house plans in Indian style, are situated side by side to one another, which can help insulate common room noises from the kitchen and Dining Room. This will be an excellent choice for roommates as it is designed keeping privacy in mind.

small three bedroom ideas

3. Who said that you can’t get Two Bedroom house plans in Indian style on a small plot? Well, certainly not us. This house plan is built specifically for smaller plots but still it manages to accommodate a 6 person dining room and a warm living room.

three bedrooms

4. This two bedroom house plan has a nursery for your little one. This is ideal for a small growing family.

3 bedrooms1

5. This feature-packed house plan boasts a private veranda accessible from the living room, which also has a guest bed.

what to do with 3 bedrooms

6. The two bedrooms in this apartment are located on opposite sides of the space for maximum privacy. Both bedrooms also have easy access to a bathroom of their own. These features make it ideal for roommates looking for Two Bedroom house plans in Indian style.

3 bedroom ideas1

7. A large patio and outdoor dining space in this home covers nearly as much square footage as the rest of the rooms combined making it perfect for warm climates

three bed layout

8. Two spacious bedrooms with study areas and a bathroom make this Two Bedroom house plan ideal for an urban family.

ultra mod three bedroom

9. This is one of our favourites among Two Bedroom house plans in Indian style. Why? Because the design of the house plan has a youthful vibe that is simply beautiful. This will be great for young roommates starting out on their journey of life.

house layout1

10. An open floor plan in the common areas of this apartment makes it a quaint spot for an urban family to spend time together. This will be ideal for a small family.

creative house layout

11. Last but not the least on our list of Two Bedroom house plans in Indian style, is this house plan by separating the water closet from the bath, this two bedroom has maximised the bathroom to minimize annoying waiting times in the morning.


We’ve reached the end of our list of 11 amazing Two Bedroom house plans in Indian style. A two bedroom house in Indian Style, is a great marriage of space and style, leaving room for growing families or entertaining guests. You can create beautiful homes from the house plans we’ve provided above. So what are you waiting for? Go build your own dream house!

House plans are a blend of beauty and architecture. They are a perfect tool to help you realise your dream home.

Are you looking for feature-rich two Bedroom house plans in Indian style at affordable prices? Build your ideal design with our team of experienced professionals and make your dream home become a reality. You can contact us by clicking here.

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