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Arch design and construction is one of the leading architectural firms of Lucknow and the Best architect in lucknow. The company’s motto is to offer its clients their best services, by delivering them a combination of unique ideas, passion, and commitment to complete our projects on time.

In their architecture and designs, even the smallest detail has a meaning or it serve a purpose. There is a lot of thinking invested behind every design, after all people’s dreams and emotions are connected with them, so Arch design consider it as their duty to make their clients’ dreams turn into reality. They are devoted to establish themselves as a builder of quality designs.

“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness”

– Frank Gehry

Best civil contractor in lucknow

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As clear from the quote above, a good architecture is not only about bricks and stones, but about the innovation and the theme related to the building. A good design and a beautifully crafted building speak for itself. This is the reason that, being the best architecture company in Lucknow, ADC believe in building Quality Relationships and Trust with their customers. They take great pride in Formulating Customized Products to suit the specific personal needs of all their clients. Arch design is a company with a clear cut mission to provide unmatchable construction services that will prove a breakthrough and would surpass their client’s expectations.

They try to accomplish this through the selective use of reliable and responsible sub-contractors, by hiring and sustaining first-class employees, and by approaching the construction process with honesty dedication and integrity. These policies of the company will provide the foundation for long term customer relations and growth, which is the ultimate mission of ADC. The company is committed to the success of their clients and their business partners. Customer satisfaction is always on top of their priority list.

The spirit or a good architect is in understanding the importance of on-time delivery of the results. A project can only be considered successful if it is delivered on time. Just as is the case of project delivery at Arch Design, proper planning before starting of any project, appropriate budgeting, scheduling, raw materials, logistics, and manpower help them to achieve on-time delivery and execution of the project within the given frame of time.

It is clear by looking at the past records which tell us that when it comes to best and timely delivery of architectural and construction  projects, ADC constructions tops the list in Lucknow. The firm is dedicated to create and maintain an environment of highly skilled architectural professionals those who know how to realize what clients want.

They are committed to serve the needs of each of their clients with honesty and integrity. Any organization that provides an environment that promotes personal growth and self-pride escalates towards success, similar is the case at ADC.


Innovative Architect for home design

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At ADC, we find an ultimate amalgamation of innovation and passion. They have already established their firm as the best civil contractors in Lucknow and the best residential architect in Lucknow. The company has a team of skilled professionals whose sole aim is to deliver their client the best solutions and broaden activity base by diversifying into other infrastructure disciplines to sustain a healthy growth rate for their firm. The company has an estimate of about 5000+ finished successful projects. No doubt, ADC is the best solution for your upcoming construction project!


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