10 Vaastu Tips by Renowned Ar. PK Verma of Lucknow

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10 Vaastu Tips by Renowned Ar. PK Verma of Lucknow

In the realm of architecture and design, the ancient Indian practice of Vaastu Shastra has gained significant prominence. Known for its principles of harmonizing spaces with natural forces, Vaastu Shastra is believed to enhance positive energy flow in homes and workplaces. Ar. PK Verma, a prominent figure in the architectural landscape of Lucknow, has adeptly incorporated Vaastu principles into his designs. In this article, we will explore 10 Vaastu tips by PK Verma to create balanced and positive living environments.

  1. Orientation and Entrance: PK Verma emphasizes the importance of the main entrance's orientation, suggesting that it should ideally face north or east to allow the influx of positive energy. A well-designed entrance sets the tone for the entire structure, inviting prosperity and harmony into the space.

  2. Balanced Room Placement: Vaastu principles advocate for a balanced distribution of rooms within a building. PK Verma suggests avoiding irregular shapes and ensuring that rooms are proportionately sized. This promotes a sense of equilibrium and enhances the overall energy flow.

  3. Natural Light and Ventilation: Ar. PK Verma underscores the significance of natural light and ventilation. Well-lit spaces are believed to attract positive energy, while adequate ventilation ensures the constant flow of fresh air, promoting a healthy and vibrant atmosphere.

  4. Color Harmony: PK Verma recommends selecting colors based on their corresponding elements, as per Vaastu guidelines. Earthy tones such as beige, brown, and green are often preferred for a calming effect, while vibrant colors can be strategically incorporated to energize specific areas.

  5. Placement of Mirrors: According to Vaastu, mirrors have the power to amplify energy. PK Verma suggests placing mirrors in the north or east direction to enhance the flow of positive energy. However, it is essential to avoid mirrors facing the bed in bedrooms, as this is believed to disturb sleep.

  6. Decluttering Spaces: Ar. PK Verma emphasizes the importance of decluttering to ensure the smooth flow of energy within a space. Clutter is thought to obstruct positive energy, so maintaining a clean and organized environment is key to promoting well-being.

  7. Sacred Spaces: Vaastu recommends the inclusion of sacred spaces within a home, such as a prayer room or meditation area. PK Verma incorporates these elements seamlessly into his designs, recognizing the positive impact they can have on the overall energy of a space.

  8. Furniture Placement: Proper furniture placement is crucial for maintaining positive energy flow. PK Verma suggests avoiding blocking pathways or placing furniture with sharp edges, as these can disrupt the natural flow of energy within a room.

  9. Water Features: Ar. PK Verma often incorporates water features into his designs, as water is considered a symbol of prosperity in Vaastu. Fountains or small water elements in the northeast or north direction are believed to attract positive energy and financial well-being.

  10. Art and Décor: The choice of art and décor plays a pivotal role in Vaastu. PK Verma encourages the use of artwork depicting positive themes and natural landscapes. Additionally, he advises against displaying images that evoke negativity or sadness.


Ar. PK Verma's commitment to integrating Vaastu principles into his designs has not only made him a distinguished figure in the architectural community of Lucknow but has also contributed to the creation of spaces that foster positive energy and well-being. By following these 10 Vaastu tips, individuals can embark on a journey to harmonize their living environments and experience the transformative power of balanced and positive spaces.

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